Mould Remediation

Brisbane, Queensland – PIRCSA Pty Ltd, a leading company in mould remediation, were instrumental in the recovery of delicate musical instruments, we successfully completed a significant project at a renowned private school in Brisbane. The project involved the meticulous cleaning and restoration of musical instruments in the school’s music department, which had been affected by mould due to atmospheric conditions.

The mould issue was discovered during a routine inspection of the music department. The school administration, prioritizing the health and safety of its students, immediately sought professional help. PIRCSA Pty Ltd, with its stellar reputation in mould remediation, was chosen for the task.

The project was a unique challenge due to the delicate nature of the musical instruments and the sensitive nature of the outbreak. A minor issue could have easily become a Major problem as traditional mould remediation methods could potentially damage the instruments, affecting their sound quality and playability. However, PIRCSA Pty Ltd rose to the occasion, employing innovative techniques and specialized equipment to safely and effectively remove the mould without compromising the integrity of the instruments.

The project was completed within 9 days including undertaking mould sampling to verify the department and the content items within the impacted area were restored to condition 1 as per IICRC S520 rev 3 professional mould remediation standard protocols. Much to the satisfaction of the school administration. The music department is now mould-free, has been returned to general use and the instruments have been restored to their original condition. The students can once again make beautiful music without any health concerns.

This successful project has further cemented PIRCSA Pty Ltd’s position as a trusted provider of mould remediation services. The company continues to uphold its commitment to ensuring safe and healthy environments in schools and other institutions across Brisbane.

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