Dear Steve,

I am confirming that I have worked with you for a number of years and always been impressed with your knowledge, internatoinal perspective and  understanding of the relevance of mould and water damage, often demonstrating a high degree of innovation and practical measures to return buildngs to safe reoccupation and so frequently identifying issues with moisture and mould that others had missed. I consider you a mentor in this area to me, and we have worked in a way that we both are open to ongoing self-improvement for the safety of others.  

As President of the Indoor Air Quality Association, and a Postdroctoral Microbiologist and now practicing Hygienist, I can testify to the high quality of your work and cannot readily recall any example of where rework has been necessary on jobs you have actively supervised. All laboratory samples you provided for analysis over the years showed that surfaces were rarely other than classified as IICRC Condition 1 – normal fungal ecology.

Kind regards,

Dr Claire Bird

I have personally known Steve Cranston for over two years, and worked with him on many major projects.

Steve Cranston is incredibly knowledgeable in the areas of water and fire remediation; knowledge gained through internationally recognised qualifications and the application of these qualifications in field situations. This, combined with his extensive experience in both small and incredibly large disasters, sees Steve Cranston as one of the highest sought after professionals across Australia in the field of Water and Fire Remediation, and Post Disaster Management.
Steve’s talents are often required for the most difficult of projects, which often involve some of the largest insurers in Australia. In round table meetings with insurers I often have to hold back a smile when asked, “Do you know Steve Cranston?” His is a name that all in this industry should know and trust.
Unfortunately, for many who are new to the industry, Steve is often called in to rectify problems that have resulted from those less competent. In many of these instances, these problems have resulted in lost opportunity, lost time and unnecessary financial loss. Steve has the ability to quickly arrest these situations and quickly resolve seemingly unpassable circumstances.

Steve is quite an incredible individual to work with in the field. In dealing with mould growth and contamination, he has an unquestioned ability to assess the subtleties of building construction techniques, thermodynamics, air-conditioner operations and people movement to define the cause of the problem. His assessments are always supported with science, which often includes thermography, moisture measurements, monitoring atmospheric conditions and the collection of air/surface samples for mould analysis. On analysing the scientific data, his talents allow him to quickly remediate an asset and implement strategies to ensure that the problem does not reoccur.

Within Australia, Steve Cranston is a leader in the field of Water and Fire Remediation, and Post Disaster Management. He is a person that I trust absolutely.
Kind Regards,

Joseph Langford
B.App.Sc.(App.Chem), Grad.Dip.Bus.
Senior Scientist
CDE Sciences

27th January 2021

To Whom it may concern:

I worked with Steve Cranston on a building project in 2020. I am the Director of a top end interior design firm in Brisbane Queensland. 

I found Steve to be very knowledgeable on all work undertaken.  He was extremely diligent from the beginning and was professional by following up on the work progress throughout the work schedule.  It made the project flow with ease and resulted in an excellent outcome. 

I would highly recommend him for any project. 

Christopher Thomas
Thomas & Alexander Interiors

Water Damage Loss – Brisbane – Chubb Insurance 

8th April 2021

I am writing this testimonial on behalf of our entire property management team, following the exceptional service provided by Pircsa Pty Ltd in the aftermath of a major water damage loss to our Multi-story building, affecting multiple properties.

When disaster struck, we were overwhelmed by the extent of the damage and the complexity of the situation. Pircsa Pty Ltd came to our rescue, and from the very beginning, their professionalism and expertise were evident.

The Pircsa team assessed the damage promptly and provided us with a comprehensive plan to mitigate the water damage, restore affected areas, and ensure the safety of our tenants. Their attention to detail and commitment to the project were impressive.

Throughout the restoration process, Pircsa Pty Ltd displayed exemplary project management skills. They coordinated seamlessly with our tenants and kept us informed every step of the way. Their ability to handle a large-scale project like ours, spanning multiple stories and properties, was truly remarkable.

What truly sets Pircsa Pty Ltd apart is their dedication to quality workmanship. The results of their restoration efforts exceeded our expectations. The affected properties now look better than they did before the water damage incident. Our tenants have expressed their gratitude for the swift and efficient restoration, which minimized disruption to their lives.

Furthermore, Pircsa Pty Ltd worked closely with our insurance company to ensure a smooth claims process. Their expertise in dealing with insurance matters was invaluable, saving us time and reducing the stress associated with such a significant loss.

In summary, we cannot recommend Pircsa Pty Ltd highly enough. Their professionalism, expertise, and commitment to excellence are second to none. They turned a daunting and distressing situation into a success story, and for that, we are truly grateful.

If you find yourself facing a similar crisis or in need of top-notch restoration services, look no further than Pircsa Pty Ltd. They are the team you can trust to get the job done efficiently and effectively.



15th April 2021

Insured’s comments to Loss adjuster: 

It’s hard to believe that it has been 4 weeks since we had our fire. 

Thanks for the prompt response and for bringing the team of Steve Cranston and Pircsa Pty Ltd to handle the clean-up. They have been fantastic and taken the stress out of what would have been a stressful process. 

Fire Restoration Project on behalf of CGU – Surfers Paradise

September 2021 

“Steve’s comprehensive knowledge of loss and damage mitigation and restoration, together with the ability to report his methodical process based on data, facts and robust scientific process allowed us to present a comprehensive report and validated argument to the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA) in dispute of an insurance determination.

Steve was able to explain the correct processes backed up with data and years of both domestic and international experience to allow us to mount our argument against incomplete reporting and flawed process by other restorers employed by our insurer.

Steve showed integrity, compassion and a determination to find the find facts and apply his vast experience in the interpretation and explanation of these facts.

Steve is fully cognisant of the relevant Australian Standards and regularly keeps updated and informed of the improvements and current thinking in the industry, a sign of true professionalism. I can highly recommend Steve and PIRCSA.”

Regards and Thanks

Jeff Monro BHsc (PARA), Dip Log Man