14th April 2021

Steve Cranston of Pircsa Pty Ltd conducted a training seminar on Illicit Drug Contaminated sites – Manufacture or Use? on behalf of AICLA QLD Chapter at the W Hotel in Brisbane.

The event which qualified for continuous development points for AICLA members was well attended with the tickets being snapped up quickly.

Feedback on the session, I found the training session informative, thought provoking.

Steve stated “although the presentation lasted 30 minutes with an allotted 15 mins afterwards for questions and answers, we could have easily extended the Q&A session, since the event, there has been contact from several attendees with additional questions.  It was an honour and privilege to be asked by AICLA to present a seminar which provides further education to their members”.

If you are an insurance professional who is looking to add value to your teams by broadening their knowledge of Restoration, or are interested in delivery of training sessions to your claims staff in relation to restoration of Water/Fire/Smoke/Mould/Illicit drug contaminated sites. Please feel free to contact Steve to discuss your requirements.

November 2021

ACAC CFSC Accreditation Press Release November 2021

Steve Cranston has been awarded the prestigious Council-certified Fire and Smoke Damage Consultant designation by the American Council for Accredited Certification.

The fire and smoke damage consultant certification is the pinnacle achievement which requires at least 8 years experience consulting on fire and smoke damage issues. The Accredited certification consists of undertaking an exam and submitting four project summary documents, which are validated by referee’s.  This provides evidence of the candidate’s experience through testing, analysis, and evaluation of the individual’s knowledge, skills and abilities for the purpose of certification and re-certification in the field of fire and smoke damage investigations and consulting.

Accredited Certifications are professional credentials qualified and recognized by one of three independent organizations.  Certification programs accredited by the Council of Engineering and Scientific Specialty Boards (CESB) must require verifiable field experience.

Steve stated “The ACAC CFSC accredited certification is one of the pinnacle awards in the Restoration industry for fire and smoke damage. Not only does it prove your knowledge, it also validates the use of the candidate’s skills in the field, through submission of project summaries. These summaries  must demonstrate the use of surveying, testing, analysis combined with restoration experience for rectification of fire and smoke damaged sites.  These skills are validated by independent references for each project summary submitted, which are then collated and sent to an independent board for peer review.  Unlike other fire and smoke damage certificates there is no guarantee that the certificate will be issued on passing the exam, as the board must unanimously agree to award the certification.  I am honoured to have been awarded the CFSC accreditation, it is an award that not only demonstrates the skills attained over the past 43 years, but also confirms the application of those skills in the field”. 

Should you require further information regarding Pircsa’s restoration or consultancy services please feel free to contact us.