Trusted Mould Removal Services in Queensland for Safe & Healthy Spaces

Moulds (also called molds, fungi or mildew) are organisms that belong to the fungi kingdom and are neither plants nor animals. They are commonly found both indoors and outdoors.


Moulds are an important part of the ecosystem, as they break down and recycle organic matter such as dead leaves.
Moulds multiply by producing very small spores. These are carried in the air, and if the spores land in a place which provides moisture and a food source, they may start to grow. Mould can develop on a wide range of surfaces, such as wood, paint, walls, fabric, paper and soil. Severe mould growth can cause structural damage to buildings. Mould growth indoors can present a health risk in some cases, particularly to immune compromised individuals.

To grow indoors, moulds need moisture and food. Moisture is the most important factor influencing mould growth indoors. Common sources of moisture indoors include roof and gutter leaks, flooding, leaking and burst pipes, water vapour e.g. condensation of humid air on cold surfaces.

The key to controlling mould growth is moisture control. Following a water damage event, it is important that the building and the content items within the property are inspected and if need be samples taken to determine if there is a potential problem or not.

The ANSI/IICRC S500 Professional Water Damage Standard 2021 clearly dictates that; “The controlled removal of excess moisture from an indoor environment and affected materials; thereby bringing the structure, systems, contents and materials to a pre-determined drying goal”…

– In a timely manner, before there is mould/ bacterial growth and odours,
– and without the use of biocides/anti-microbial agents to control/ cover-up microbial growth or odours.


At Pircsa; we have developed our own internal procedures and processes, which are based on both the current EPA/OSHA guidelines,  Professional International ANSI/IICRC S500 Water Damage/ANSI/IICRC S520 Mould Remediation and AS 1884/2021 Australian standards. We have combined these with current Australian legislation; as a result, each project is surveyed, scoped and works are completed, in order to ensure that the environment is clean, dry and free of resultant mould as a result of an insurable incident.